Montane Tor des Géants: Race days 6, 7 and post-race


Date: 19 September 2016

Confirmed leaderboard for the 1st Montane sponsored Tor des Géants


  • 1st = Oliviero Bosatelli (ITA) – FINISHED 13:10 Wednesday 14 September | 75 hrs 10 mins 22 seconds
  • 2nd = Oscar Perez Lopez (ES) – FINISHED 19:14 Wednesday 14 September | 81 hrs 14 mins 10 seconds
  • 3rd = Pablo Criado Toca (ES) – FINISHED 21:40 Wednesday 14 September | 83 hrs 40 mins 10 seconds


  • 1st = Lisa Borzani (ITA) – FINISHED 05:20 Thursday 15 September | 91 hrs 09 mins 44 seconds
  • 2nd = Stephanie Case (PS) – FINISHED Thursday 15 September | 98 hrs 15 mins 27 seconds
  • 3rd = Maria Semerjian (FR) – FINISHED Thursday 15 September | 100 hrs 18 mins 42 seconds

The 1st Montane sponsored Tor des Géants drew to a triumphant close on Sunday 18 September with the finish of the last two competitors, Spain’s Ana Bustamante Velez (the face of 2016’s race) and Italy’s Giorgio Manoni on Saturday at 15:55 after 149 hours, 55 minutes of running non-stop.

Welcomed in to Courmayeur by crowds packing the streets, organisers and 11 ‘Senators’ – those who have raced and finished all 11 TDG races – the pair’s arrival kicked off a post-race party celebrating a successful TDG that united 70 nationalities, over 750 competitors and approximately 2,000 Volontors.

But before we give due credit to all runners, trail sweepers, Volontors, race organisers and more, let’s backtrack to race day 6 (Friday 16 September 2016) and our remaining #TeamMontane members Jenn Gaskell and Ari Veltman who at this point had not yet crossed the finish line…

Date: 16 September 2016 (race day 6)

Location: Between Saint-Rhémy en-Bosses and Courmayeur

At the end of race day 5, Brit #TeamMontane runner Jenn Gaskell was on her way to the town of Saint-Rhémy en-Bosses. Arriving there in the early hours of Friday morning (03:48), she is well and truly on the home straight. With one major climb left – Col Malatrà (2,936m), we anticipate that she will cross the finish line today! She clocks in at Rifugio Frassati on the way up to Col Malatrà at 07:09, keeping a steady pace over the Col, through to Rifugio Bertone at 12:43 and sweeping down into Courmayeur to cross the finish line at 13:31. After 123 hours, 31 minutes, 7 seconds of running, she finished in 121st place overall, 18th lady overall, 3rd British finisher and 2nd female British finisher. Huge congratulations Jenn!

Jenn Gaskell finishing the TDG

Jenn Gaskell finishing the 1st Montane sponsored Tor des Géants

Date: 16 September 2016 (race day 6)

Location: Between Ollomont and Courmayeur

Final #TeamMontane runner Ari Veltman is travelling between Rifugio Cunéy and the Ollomont life station overnight from race day. Battling with a bad right knee, he welcomes in the dawn, arriving at Rifugio Champillon before the summit of Col Champillon (2,709m) at around 04:37. Next stop, Saint-Rhémy en-Bosses at 09:29. Between Rifugio Champillon and Saint-Rhémy en-Bosses at 07:25, he pauses to discuss his TDG experience and strategy live on facebook (view video here), having originally aimed to complete sub 120 hours: “…I realised the 120 hours was never really my…it was a gameplan, it was what I thought I could do, but that was not important. This is not how I want to remember the Tor. This is not about the numbers and the strategy. Doing this has been 3 years of my own tour and my own journey and this is bigger than that and I don’t want to finish the Tor and remember the numbers. I wanted a little bit more than that, so I just decided to change my approach. I got 3 hours of sleep – yay! – yesterday night, which is not much but will help me relax a little bit, be less cranky. And I just want the last leg of the Tor to be fun. This is what I’m here for. I want to enjoy every single metre of the next 51,500m in change (or whatever it is)…So that’s what I’m going to do. I’m guessing this will maybe disappoint a few people, that really want me to get a really good result. It is exciting if that happens, but that’s not what’s important for me. So in the next section I’m just going to…well, whatever energy I have left to smile, I’m going to smile! I’m want to enjoy the mountains, smell the smells, enjoy every little pain I have…If there is a fontina cheese somewhere along the way, I’m going to eat a fontina cheese sandwich! I’m going to enjoy every second of every bad coffee that I’m going to run in to!”

And this is exactly what Ari now does from here on in. He reached Rifugio Frassati at 12:17, followed by Rifugio Bertone at 18:00 and the finish line at 19:14. At the end of an incredible 3 year journey, he has achieved his aim! Watch the video of him crossing the finish line here (self-filmed).

He is finishes in a total time of 129 hours, 14 minutes, 46 seconds in 168th position. He is the only Israeli runner to take part in the TDG this year!

#TeamMontane’s Ari Veltman with Petra Mücková after crossing the TDG finish line

#TeamMontane’s Ari Veltman with Petra Mücková after crossing the TDG finish line

Date: Sunday 18 September

Location: Courmayeur

Sunday at 11:00 saw the prize-giving ceremony at the Courmayeur Forum Sport Centre. Presided over by the Tourism Council Members of Courmayeur to a packed out centre (including a large crowd of people from Bergamo with customised flags, vuvuzelas, cowbells and other instruments who had come for male category winner Oliviero Bosatelli), winners of the men’s and women’s categories were awarded their well deserved accolades. This was followed by announcing the winners of the first runners from each continent, the first five Italian runners, the V1, V2 and V3 men’s categories, ladies V1 and V2 categories and top three men and women runners from the Aosta Valley.

All that remains for us to say is a huge congratulations to everyone that ran – you are all legends. And more than this, an enormous ‘thank you’ to all who were involved in the organisation, from Volontors to trail sweepers, to logistics teams, to presenters and video broadcasters.

#FurtherFaster #Tor2016

Finishers for the 1st Montane sponsored Tor des Géants 2016. Image by Stefano Jeantet

Finishers for the 1st Montane sponsored Tor des Géants 2016. Image by Stefano Jeantet



  •  Number of starters = 765
  • Number of finishers = 446
  • Number of withdrawals = 319 (including 2 disqualifications)
  • Finishers rate = 58%
  • Drop-out rate = 41%
  • 1st finisher time = 75 hours, 10 minutes, 22 seconds
  • Final finisher time = 149 hours, 55 minutes, 39 seconds


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