Montane Tor des Géants: Race day 2 (Monday)

RACE DAY 2 (Monday)

Date: 12 September 2016

At the start of day 2 of the first Montane sponsored Tor des Géants, the leaderboard looks like this:


  • 1st = Oliviero Bosatelli (ITA)
  • 2nd = Voeffray Julien (CH)
  • 3rd = Alexander Rabensteiner (ITA)


  • 1st = Silvia Ainhoa Trigueros Garrote (ES)
  • 2nd = Liza Borzani (ITA)
  • 3rd = Raffaella Miravalle (ITA)

Day 2 of the TDG is considered the hardest day, with ascents including Col Entrelor (3,0002m), Col Loson (3,299m) and Fenêtre di Champorcher (2,827m) so no doubt we will see some race drama…

Location: between Rhêmes and Eaux Rousses

Towards the end of day 1 we reported that Gianluca Galeati, race leader for much of the 1st day, had been caught by a chasing group. At the start of day 2, at Eaux Rousses just after midnight, a new race leader steps forward – Italian Oliviero Bosatelli, nicknamed ‘the caterpillar of Bergamo’.

He is followed by another Italian, Alexander Rabensteiner, Gianluca Galeati and Spaniards Oscar Perez Lopez and #TeamMontane’s Julio Cernuda Aldecoa.

Temperatures are soaring, at 30° Celsius. The sun is relentless and runners are battling to keep hydrated. Organisers are expecting numbers of withdrawals to increase.

Location: Cogne life station (66 miles / 106.2km)

Between Eaux Rousses and Cogne, Oliviero Bosatelli and Voeffray Julien seem settled in positions 1 and 2. But there is a battle brewing for 3rd place between Alexander Rabensteiner, Oscar Perez Lopez and Gianluca Galeati, who is still holding out well. Bosatelli is merciless in his attack and does not stop at the Cogne lifestation. The others pause for around 20 minutes between 05:00 – 06:30 and is it Rabensteiner who leaves in 3rd place.

Location: Chardonney (83 miles / 133.2km)

We were expecting race drama, and we now have it in spades. Between Cogne, the Fenêtre di Champorcher peak and Chardonney, the two Spaniards, Oscar Perez Lopez and #TeamMontane’s Julio Cernuda Aldecoa have well and truly shaken the leaderboard. Perez Lopez has been strong today but Cernuda Aldecoa has seemingly come out of nowhere. Leaving Cogne down in 6th position, but as part of the group battling for 3rd, he has catapulted himself in to 2nd place, arriving in Chardonney at 11:06, running with Perez Lopez in 3rd. The pair have opened up an 18 minute gap on chasers Rabensteiner, Voeffray and Galeati. Impressive!

In the afternoon in the town of Pont Boset, they are interviewed briefly by roving Tor des Géants reporter Silvano Gadin. They look strong, calm and relaxed, saying that they are enjoying themselves in the 2016 TDG experience, taking everything in and taking it all in their stride.

Watch the interview video here (In Italian & Spanish).

 Location: Donnas life station (94 miles / 151.3km)

The race positions settle down, with Perez Lopez and Cernuda Aldecoa running together in pursuit of Bosatelli, who is running like he is on fire out ahead of everyone. In an interview with race organisers, Bosatelli states that “I do not have strategies, I follow my feeling. And what I feel is a good feeling”. The Spanish duo increase the gap between them and chasers, hoping to secure their podium finishes more tightly.

This continues throughout day 2. We are crossing our fingers hard for Julio.

#TeamMontane's Julio Cernuda Aldecoa and Oscar Perez Lopez at Donnas, TDG day 2. Image by Roberto Roux

#TeamMontane’s Julio Cernuda Aldecoa and Oscar Perez Lopez at Donnas, TDG day 2. Image by Roberto Roux

#TeamMontane's Ari Veltman taking a selfie on Col Loson, TDG race day 2. Image by Ari Veltman

#TeamMontane’s Ari Veltman taking a selfie on Col Loson, TDG race day 2. Image by Ari Veltman

#TeamMontane runner Ari Veltman is having a fantastic race also! Overnight he passed over Col Entrelor, holding his place in the first 100 runners. Posting live facebook updates from the race (here), he is documenting his journey, his amazement at the support he is receiving and breaking his own personal bests. He entered Cogne at 12:14 , moving up the field steadily to claim 70th place. Arriving at Donnas at 23:34, he decided to rest up overnight and take care of his battered feet, after having broken his own distance and altitude records in a single non-stop race. He live facebooked his experiences at Donnas (here).

British runner Jenn Gaskell continues with her ‘steady’ strategy. After taking a shorter rest than many others at Valgrisenche life station on day 1, she reached Eaux Rousses at 10:12, running together with Sebastiano Favaro, Massimo Dall Acqua and Paolo Interbartolo. She tackled Col Loson (the highest ascent on the course), arriving at Riffugio Sella at 16:00 and Cogne shortly after at 17:43. She pulled up at Cogne to take a break for around 1.5 hours before continuing out into the night once more, again, overtaking many runners who had stopped for longer.

Czech athlete Petra Mücková powers on also.  We left her in 101st place overnight at Valgrisenche life station. She passed over Col Entrelor overnight, arriving at Eaux Rousses at 06:41 ready to tackle Col Loson in the morning. A few hours later, at 11:32, she conquered it, checking in at Riffugio Sella at 11:32 and Cogne about 1.5 hours later, taking a break of about 1.5 hours. After having made Chardonney at 20:30, she headed back out towards Donnas. She is over halfway through the course!



Watch the highlights from day 2 below:

Keep watching Montane’s Facebook and Twitter for race updates and the latest from #TeamMontane athletes.


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