The Official Montane Spine Race Film

Film makers Summit Fever Media produced a feature length film about the Montane Spine Race in 2015, watch the trailer by clicking the image below:

Notorious amongst ultra athletes for the grit, endurance and determination needed to complete it, the Montane Spine Race is a gruelling 7 day race from Edale to Kirk Yetholm, encompassing the entire length of the Pennine Way in the UK.

Competitors will race non-stop on foot in the depths of British winter and its unpredictable weather. Encountering deep snow, ice, bogs, strong winds, mud and lashing rain, athletes will be tried and tested to their limits as they climb 3,000ft higher than Mount Everest in ascents and battle sleep deprivation, muscular fatigue and exposure in a terrific show of courage and strength.

Race Director Scott Gilmour: “I think it’s almost perfect in its cruelty. It’s cruel enough to be brutal, but it’s achievable.”

In 2015 Summit Fever Media shot the official Montane Spine Race Film. Documenting Britain’s most brutal race, a team of four followed athletes with cameras and two drones, documenting the competitors as they cope mentally and physically with the demanding race.

Summit Fever Media’s aim with The Official Montane Spine Race Film is to show that there is still wild adventure to be experienced in Britain. Rather than travelling thousands of miles for adventure, this film will illustrate that Britain is a wild, dangerous, remote and extreme place that should not be underestimated.

The film shows the diversity of Montane Spine Race participants – the race attracts competitors from all backgrounds and abilities, as well as people who have overcome incredible adversities just to be on the start line.

Lasting 60 minutes, the film is available to purchase and download here

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Photography courtesy of Scott Gilmour and John Bamber

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