December 2015


A Century of Polar Exploration

(Photograph courtsey of Martin Hartley) Robert Peary, the American explorer, claimed he reached the geographic North Pole on April 6, 1909. Although the claim was disputed, the fact they survived at all in such an incredibly hostile and harsh environment is testament to man’s thirst for exploration, for knowledge, and for pushing the human body to the limits. Peary was a smart guy. He had carefully studied Innuit techniques and clothing and replicated them where possible and it served him very well, well, except for losing eight fingers. And by a long... Read More


Sally Fawcett hits the ground running

Team Montane’s Sally Fawcett hits the ground running in this year’s Frostbite 30. I’ve done the Frostbite 30 the 2 previous years, and although the course changes each year I was familiar with parts of the route and knew we were in for mud and lots of it! This years course was 34 miles and at 1,600m ascent involved more climbing than previously, that would suit me nicely. There was torrential rain throughout the night but fortunately it had eased by race morning. We did set off in a heavy... Read More

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“Plans are useless but planning is indispensable” – Dwight D Eisenhower

Team Montane athletes Simon Yearsley & Malcolm Bass offer their tips on how to plan successful, regular winter route dates. #WinterClimbing The biggest obstacle to getting winter routes done is the rest of our lives. Work. Love. Family. Christmas. Houses. Skiing. The second biggest, and far more frustrating, is our climbing partners’ lives. Of course we have our priorities in exactly the right order. But as for them, well they slew wildly between obsessive fanaticism and a total lack of commitment to the cause. Stating the obvious: you can’t climb... Read More