September 2015


The Accidental Ultra Runner – Interview with Jenn Gaskell

Meet Jenn Gaskell: although this 24 year old’s day job is working on a mathematical physics PhD at the University of Nottingham, she has quietly been nurturing a career as a budding ultra-runner after entering her first running competition on a whim whilst mountaineering.  This ‘whim’ turned out to be a turning point for Jenn however, and she was soon entering more and more races and at gradually longer distances, proving that you don’t have to start running from the get-go to succeed. We sat down with the Team Montane member to... Read More


Winnie Chang’s Great Himalayan traverse

Everyday there was more snow. Zanskar is a high altitude desert but these late winter storms (this was March) provide the main source of water for the region.* We were on our way up to the Pensi La pass, a gradual inclination all the way up to 4,400 metres. It continued snowing hard into the night and we were just plodding on, weighed down by heavy backpacks. The only lights we could see were from our head torches, all the Buddhist villages were left behind. Now we were in the... Read More


Photographing the hostile Arctic

There are not many people that would relish the thought of spending several months in the extremely hostile conditions of the Arctic. Fortunately for us,Martin Hartley is one of these people. An expedition and adventure travel photographer, Martin first gained public recognition in the world of photography at the age of 17 and now commits himself whole-heartedly to capturing the beauty of unadulterated landscapes and remote communities all over the world. Martin takes some time out to talk to us about his photography and the particular challenges that confronted him... Read More