January 2015

, Double Award for the Minimus Jacket

After careful and thorough scrutinisation of our Minimus Jacket in December 2014, Spanish gear test specialists have seen fit to label it ‘Finalista: Editor’s Choice’. In the first TrailRunningReview Awards 2014, it was selected by the editors as worthy of an accolade. But not only did the Minimus Jacket gain this award, it was also named ‘Finalista: User’s Choice’.  With a total of 228 voters taking part in the waterproof shell category, the Minimus Jacket received the ultimate vote of confidence from the most important people – you, the public! Read the... Read More


Alpine Stretch Gloves “Best in test”

The UK’s Trail magazine has tested out a range of Winter Gloves in its February issue. With an overall score of 4.8/5, the Alpine Stretch Gloves were awarded ‘Best in Test’ With 5/5 for their features, fit, comfort and use, Trail’s reviewer praised them for their versatility as an all-round general winter glove. More specifically, they were commended for their use of PRIMALOFT® Gold insulation on the back of the hand, their leather palm, the wrist leash and cuff adjustment. Read more about the Alpine Stretch Gloves here


Montane Spine Race – Day 6

Pavel Paloncy wins the Montane Spine Race 2015 for a 2nd time. Competitors on the Montane Spine Race were held once again on day 5 (14 January), with re-start set for 07:00 and 08:00 for those in the Alston and Bellingham checkpoints respectively the following morning on day 6 (15 January). With the front of the race stationed at Bellingham, at 08:00, eyes were once again on two front runners Pavel Paloncy, Eoin Keith and chasing group Beth Pascall, Mark Townsend, Tim Laney and Damian Hall.  This group had swelled... Read More


Montane Spine Race – Day 5

Vicious weather plays havoc with the Montane Spine Race again on day 5. This year’s 268 mile Montane Spine Race has certainly been memorable so far.  Day 3 (12 January) saw race organisers step in to hold competitors back at checkpoints while gale force winds and storms blew themselves out.  Day 4 saw the race continue in earnest and athletes pushed on, taking advantage of a slight break in the weather. The two front runners, Pavel Paloncy and Eoin Keith had reached checkpoint 5 at Bellingham at 08:41 on the... Read More


Montane Spine Race – Day 4

Day 4 of the Montane Spine Race saw competitors released from holding positions due to dangerous weather. 13 January of the main Montane Spine Race started early for current race leader Pavel Paloncy.  After being held by race organisers due to extreme weather conditions at checkpoint 3 (Middleton-in-Teesdale), he was finally able to re-start his race at 03:00.  By this time, other racers had come up from CP2 and a group of them left CP3 at similar times. For those glued to the those little orange markers on the live... Read More


Montane Spine Race – Days 2 & 3

The Montane Spine Race isn’t labelled as ‘perfect in its cruelty’ and ‘Britain’s most brutal race’ for no reason. Day 1 (10 January) of the 2015 Spine was hostile – severe weather pushed the start of the race back to 11.30am.  Mountain safety teams were positioned shortly after the start of the Spine Challenger.   Competitors faced gale force winds, snow in the borders, bogs and battering hail.  Of the 91 brave Spine Race souls at the start line, after day 1 incredibly few had retired. Day 2 (11 January) saw... Read More


Montane Spine Race – Day 1

Weather forecasts for the Montane Spine Race left little doubt, this year was going to be a tough and brutal slog.  Over 150 brave souls honoured the 50th year of the Pennine Way, by racing along the 268 and 108 mile non-stop national trail, as part of Britain’s most brutal ultra race. The forecast was for gale force winds, driving rain, sleet, snow and everything in between.  Ultra racers in Britain aren’t put off by a “little” weather and the 108mile Challenger Race began with 60 competitors lining up at the... Read More